Coolest Way Making Moneys Fast in GTA 5 Tips & Tricks

Coolest Way Making Moneys Fast in GTA 5 Tips & Tricks

If you are the new player in GTA and you struggle to make money here is one of the real coolest Tips.

The money-making method in GTA 5 outlined:

Earning money quickly is pivotal to success in GTA Online’s sprawling criminal empire sandbox. With increasingly expensive assets like penthouses, weaponized vehicles, businesses and properties topping over millions of GTA dollars, money-making has become almost a meta-game unto itself.
Entire GTA Online guides focus solely on detailing the most efficient money-making methods and grind routes. This article shall explore one popular early-game money-making method involving establishing an acid lab business in the Grand Senora Desert.
We’ll dive into key details like unlock requirements, business setup and upgrade process, average revenue generation estimates and how to scale earnings through synergies with other businesses. Read on to learn how even brand new players can bootstrap their criminal venture from humble beginnings in Sandy Shores into a multi-million dollar drug empire!


GTA Online features several career progression paths centered around different businesses like gun running, vehicle cargo and illicit pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Before the acid lab business becomes available, you’ll need to fulfil the following prerequisites:
  • Reach at least Rank 5
  • Own a cheap clubhouse property
  • Complete the introductory ATV Out Of Hell biker mission
Upon fulfilling these, the next step involves traveling to The Lost MC’s trailer park headquarters in Sandy Shores near the Alamo Sea. Here, you can launch the Supply & Demand mission triggering the establishment of your contraband acid production business!

Business Setup & Upgrades

After completing the Supply & Demand intro mission, you gain access to purchase labs allowing the synthesis of LSD and other narcotic products. A lab equipped with basic equipment can be purchased for $975,000 from the Open Road site on the laptop inside clubhouses.
Once purchased, further missions open up focused on procuring equipment and supplies to boost productivity. These missions also acquaint you with core business mechanics like:
  • Resupplying materials via raids or purchases to maintain stock
  • Monitoring current stock levels and value
  • Selling produced goods to turn a profit
Additionally, successfully finishing 10 setup missions unlocks the ability to upgrade the lab itself. Upgrades cost around $800K – $900K each but greatly improve parameters like:
  • Tripling total storage capacity
  • Halving the time required between sales
  • Doubling the value of produced stock
Thus, upgrading equates to higher profits through increased production efficiency and storage. With full upgrades, this relatively modest $1 million business can net $300K+ in profits every few hours – not bad for early game!

 Maximizing Profits

After getting set up, the acid lab passive income grind begins by buying supplies to fill stock and later selling when ready. Selling missions can be initiated solo. However, additional club members provide associates to help sell larger quantities faster for bigger payouts.
Meanwhile, purchasing the Grand Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory for $845K unlocks additional repeatable missions paying around $50K upon completion. Combined with actively running these missions, letting labs accrue stock, and selling when ready, early profits can hit a few hundred thousand an hour.
Scale Up With Additional Businesses
At this stage, investing in a CEO office for $1 million allows registering as a VIP for access to more advanced money-making methods. Owning a small $250K crate warehouse lets you run quick sightseer missions paying $25K each to identify cargo around Los Santos from the office.
Eventually, purchasing larger vehicle cargo warehouses enables a lucrative rotation between stealing and exporting expensive, modified supercars for profits scaling to $100K+ per sale!
Gun-running bunkers are also tremendously profitable businesses netting $1 million+ every few hours fully upgraded. Bunker sales can be combined with passive lab stock accruals and exporting car cargo intermittently for great profits.
Later on, buying aircraft hangars enables an aircraft cargo business to import/exporting airfreight similarly to vehicle warehouses albeit with airplane resupply runs and aerial sale missions!
Thus as your empire expands, the key lies in owning multiple businesses and combining their missions in efficient loops to optimize earnings!

Tips & Tricks

Beyond the core business mechanics, further profit boosts arise from tactics like solely selling to distant locations for increased yields despite added risk and time. High-demand bonus periods can see entire sessions cooperatively limiting supply to drive up stock value prior to mass coordinated sales as well.
Friends enlisted as hired motorcycle club associates or CEO bodyguards get paid salaries protecting your cargo sales from hostile players, with bonuses upon successful delivery.
With creativity and coordination, entire grinding crews can create incredibly lucrative sessions cycling multiple lucrative business missions collectively for insane payouts!

Maximize Profits With Multipliers

Another great tactic is stacking in-game event bonuses and ability modifiers to maximize sale profits. Limited-time special events, holidays or announcement periods feature bonus cash and RP multipliers incentivizing higher player activity.
Timing business sales to coincide with such bonuses for 1.5x or even 2x yields tremendous profits. Beyond official events, players can also consume peyote plants or Macbeth whiskey before sales. Consuming these enables temporary ability perks like 10% damage reduction or increased sprint speed for the duration of missions.
Every little boost counts in the high-stakes world of GTA Online grinding! Optimizing earnings comes down to mixing good timing, synergistic ability use and coordinating crews to leverage multipliers for max profits.

Caveats & Considerations

However, as with all lucrative ventures, the road to riches also comes laden with its share of chaos and danger. Rival players and crews may intercept sale missions to destroy cargo and sabotage profits.
Dealing with such adversaries while keeping goods intact necessitates either top-notch driving/flying skills or the capacity for quick, overwhelming retaliation.
Additionally, public grinding crews and sessions always carry the risk of betrayal. Friendly crewmates could switch sides and ambush sales once time and effort have been invested in harvesting stock. Executing successful sales thus requires caution, coordination, and cunning!


Starting from the modest criminal beginnings of a biker lab in Blaine County, we explored a potential roadmap to serious money-making empires within GTA Online. Combining multiple profitable businesses with upgrades provides reliable avenues for earning millions over time.
This path continues all the way to penthouses, supercars, and ultra-luxurious lifestyles. However, nothing ever comes easy in the world of GTA – be prepared to drive, shoot, and work jobs with shady contacts!

Short path

Along the way, betrayals, coordinated ambushes and fierce competition awaits. But with the right properties, vehicles, weapons and most importantly skilled allies, even the lowliest criminals in this desert drug lab can systematically work their way up to far greater things!
go to the desert to the R.
Start the first dose missions you’ll unlock the acid lab
Finish ten missions for the upgrades. You’ll have a cheap business that makes $300k every few hours passively. You will want a bunker and CEO office. Buy a small crate warehouse
You will then have 2 missions that are 5 minutes and pay $50k every 48 minutes
You’ll want a vehicle warehouse
And a hanger can really make a lot with these!
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