GTA 5 Money Boosts

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) offers players the chance to make big money in the sprawling world of San Andreas. While the campaign mode provides opportunities to pull off heists and score huge cash rewards, GTA Online is all about gathering money to purchase properties, vehicles, weapons and more. However, making money in GTA Online can be a grind, which is why utilizing money boosts is so valuable. Here are some of the top GTA 5 money boosts available.

GTA 5 Money Boosts Accounts

Rockstar Games, the developers of GTA 5, frequently run weekly events that provide double GTA$ and RP on certain activities. These include double rewards on select Adversary modes, Heist setups and finales, Biker Businesses, Bunker Series, Nightclub production and more.

Double GTA$ Events

When these events are active, you can earn twice the normal cash rewards by participating, which makes it one of the most lucrative GTA 5 money boosts out there. Be sure to check the Events page in GTA Online to see what’s currently awarding double GTA$.

3X GTA$ on Special Activities

Similar to double GTA$ rewards, Rockstar also highlights certain activities by boosting the cash payouts to 3X the normal rate. Activities like Open Wheel Races, Sumo (Remix), Hunting Pack and more will reward 3X GTA$ and RP for a limited time. Even short matches can net over $30,000 when triple rewards are enabled, making it extremely profitable.

Playing with Crew Members

Simply playing GTA Online jobs and activities with crew members on your friends list will net you a 10% bonus to GTA$ rewards you earn. While only a modest boost compared to double or 3X events, over time this crew RP bonus results in extra cash. The more crew members in a match with you, the higher the bonus up to a maximum of 20% at four crew members.

Weekly Discount Sales

Rockstar rotates huge sales on business properties, vehicles, customizations and more every week in GTA Online. When you can save 50% or even 80% on purchases, your GTA dollars go much further. Prioritizing buys during weekly sales lets you maximize discounts on investments to grow your criminal empire faster.

Referral Bonuses

The Diamond and Criminal Enterprise Starter Packs for GTA Online include referral bonuses if you convince friends to purchase them. Referring the Criminal Enterprise Pack nets you GTA$200K while the Diamond referral is GTA$250K. Referring four friends who buy these packs gives you $1 million, which can greatly accelerate your money-making potential.

Prime Gaming Bonuses

Players who link their Rockstar Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts get free weekly bonuses like cash infusions for playing, discounts on purchases and more. This easy passive money ranging from $100K – $500K adds up, especially during special events or DLC releases when Prime offer bigger bonuses.

Glitch Exploits

GTA 5 and GTA Online have long histories of money glitches that can duplicate rewards during mission replays or activities via unintended software exploits. Glitching is technically cheating and bannable, but provides unmatched money-making power when active glitches exist. However, most reward glitches eventually get patched.

Playing the Stock Market

GTA 5’s single player introduction has a series of assassination missions for Lester that can earn huge profits by manipulating the in-game stock market. Timing when you complete these missions and investing beforehand nets multi-million GTA$ returns to start the story with big bucks. GTA Online also added the Broker market to potentially profit off price fluctuations.

Modded Accounts

An unfortunately common issue in GTA Online on PC are modders offering modded accounts with inflated cash, fake levels and unlocked items for real money. Though lucrative, these often stolen or duplicated accounts risk getting banned. Modding also negatively affects normal players. But the temptation of instant millions remains.

Shark Cards

Of course, Rockstar offers the straightforward option of buying GTA$ straight-up as in-game cash cards, with the $100 Megalodon Card providing a $8 million boost. Though real money transactions skip the grind, Shark Cards have poor value compared to grinding boosts or glitches. But when life constraints limit playtime, they’re an easy path to instant riches.

In the thriving criminal landscape of San Andreas, utilizing any and all methods of scoring bigger cash rewards fuels the high stakes lifestyle depicted in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Maximizing money boosts through events, bonuses, discounts and even exploits lets players build their criminal empires faster. Whether taking the honest or dubious paths, growing your stack of GTA dollars opens opportunities.