GTA V Online Solo Merge Glitch Tutorial

F1/BENNY'S MERGE GLITCH! GTA V Online Solo Merge Glitch Tutorial

About GTA V Online Solo Merge Glitch Tutorial

So, in this video, I’m going to be showing you how you can do an easy solo merge glitch in GTA V online after a new patch of 1.68 and the new Chop Chop DLC. So, this is after the Chop Chop DLC, and this is completely solo. Currently, at the moment of recording, this is the only solo merge glitch that works. I know some people won’t really like this glitch, but it’s the only one that works solo, since a lot of people have been asking me to make a solo method.

But before we get into this video, make sure you do watch this part. It’s going to be the requirements for this glitch. So basically, there’s going to be all the stuff that you need for this method right here before starting. I’m going to put it at the beginning of the video so that you don’t have to watch the whole video if you’re missing a certain amount of requirements. But I think we get straight to it.

The first thing you’re going to need for this method is going to be a donor car. So basically, if you don’t know what a donor car is, it’s like a car with F1 wheels or Benz, or it could just be a regular Benny car. You could also watch my last video; I showed how to make your own mod cars, how to make your donor car. But if you just have a regular Benny car or Benny wheels, that will work completely fine.

The second thing you’re going to need is going to be an Arena Workshop. So make sure you have an Arena. If you don’t have an Arena, it’s not going to work. This whole method is in the Arena, so if you don’t have an Arena and all that, literally make sure you have that. Yeah, it’s pretty easy. By the way, yes, for anyone wondering, I’m not going to waste your time. Yes, this is C the RC, but next week I will be uploading a C2 car merge, so make sure you click that subscribe button. Literally, just click on it and you won’t miss out on next week’s video because currently, if you didn’t know, if you’re following up on Reddit on rgta glitches, there is a huge merge glitch C to car that is blowing up right now. So I’m definitely going to make a tutorial on it. I just need a little bit of time because it’s not that easy, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. So it’ll probably be out by like Friday. So make sure you do click that subscribe button that way you don’t miss it.

And yeah, I think we just get straight to it. So now there’s a few things that we need to do before we start. So make sure you’re in a public session. This works better in a public session. I did this in private sessions and I couldn’t get it to work, but I went into a public session and it worked. So the first thing you have to do is go to options and go to matchmaking and make sure you set it to close. So that’s one of the first things you have to do. Now, once you’ve done that, if you’re playing on New Gen, if you’re on Old Gen, that doesn’t really matter. But if you’re on New Gen, make sure you change your graphics mode to Fidelity or Fidelity, whatever it’s called. So just for this glitch right here, you’ll be able to switch it back after.

And then what you have to do is usually people say call Simeon, but I recommend you call Generald instead for this. So call Generald, and you’ll have to request a job. Now, get inside your donor car and go into the Arena Workshop. GTA 5 Modded offers a variety of cheap stacked modded accounts. They also have boosting services and a lot more. GTA Ops is currently one of the top trusted websites on the market at the moment. So I will leave a link in the description down below to get yourself a cheap stacked modded account and also boosting services for your existing accounts. But, yeah, let’s keep going with the video.

So yeah, just going to the Arena Workshop. And now once in here, what you’ll have to do is just change one thing on the car. It could literally be anything. It could be like the armor or literally don’t change the end, though, because the tint might be modded. So I recommend just changing the armor. There’s a thing as modded armor, so you’re not going to be scratch catching it. Now, get out of the car, and what you will have to do is go up to your RC Bandido. I also forgot to mention you do need an RC for this. But, yeah, so what you have to do is you need to go to General and you will have to basically hold options, and as soon as you let go of options, you have to click X. So you hold options and X at the same time, and then you let go of options first and then click X. Don’t do the other way around. As you can see here, I did end up messing up, but so basically, it’s very simple. You hold on to trying or to options and X at the same time. You leave your thumb or whatever off of options, and then you click X. So that’s the order you have to do it in. If you do it the other order, if you unhold X before you keep holding options, it will not work. I know this might seem a bit confusing. Took me about five tries to do it. And, by the way, yes, this is car the RC, but like I said next week

In this video post, I’ll demonstrate how to perform a solo merge glitch in GTA V Online after the release of patch 1.68 and the new Chop Chop DLC. This glitch is effective after the Chop Chop DLC, and it can be done entirely solo. At the time of recording, this is the only working solo merge glitch.


Before starting the glitch, ensure you have the following:

  1. Donor Car: Obtain a car with F1 wheels, Bens, or a regular Benny car.
  2. Arena Workshop: This glitch takes place within the arena, so having an arena is essential.
  3. RC Car: You’ll need an RC car for this glitch to work.
Many have asked for a solo method, so before diving into the tutorial, I’ll cover the requirements for this glitch. I’ll list all the necessary items and components essential for this method at the beginning of the video, allowing you to skip ahead if you already possess them. The first requirement is a donor car, which can have F1 wheels, Bens, or simply be a regular Benny car. If needed, I’ve previously shared a video on how to create modded cars for use as donor cars. The second essential item is an Arena Workshop; without it, this method won’t work, as the glitch occurs within the arena.

Setting Up the Glitch


Now, a few things need to be set up before starting the glitch:

  1. Session Settings: It’s recommended to be in a public session for better results. Set your matchmaking to ‘Close’ in the options menu.
  2. Graphics Mode: For New Gen players, switch your graphics mode to Fidelity specifically for this glitch. You can revert it after completing the glitch.
Now, let’s get into the process. Start by ensuring you are in a public session, as the glitch tends to work better in this environment. Adjust your session settings by going to Options, then Matchmaking, and set it to “Closed.” If you are on New Gen, change your graphics mode to Fidelity for the glitch, and you can switch it back later.

Upcoming Content Announcement

Before proceeding, I address that this glitch involves the RC, but I assure you that I will be uploading a car-to-car merge tutorial next week. Subscribers won’t miss out on that content. I also mention a significant merge glitch regarding C to car currently gaining attention on Reddit’s GTA glitches forum. I’ll cover that in an upcoming video, so be sure to subscribe.

Executing the Glitch

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Enter Arena Workshop: Get into your donor car and enter the arena workshop.
  2. Modify Donor Car: Make a small modification to the donor car, like changing the armor.
  3. RC Car Activation: Head to the RC Bandido and initiate a specific button sequence (explained in the video).
  4. Start a Titan of a Job: Begin a “Titan of a Job” mission, ensuring that it says “General” instead of other names.
  5. Exit Mission: While backing out of the job, press right on the D-pad as soon as the RC Bandido is visible.
  6. Verify Success: If done correctly, you’ll notice all mods transferred to the RC Bandido.
Now, for the glitch itself, go to Generald instead of Simeon and request a job. Enter your donor car into the arena workshop, make a small modification, and exit the vehicle. Approach your RC Bandido, hold Options and X simultaneously, release Options first, and then press X. It might take a few tries, but the timing is crucial. Start a Titan of a Job through Generald, ensuring it displays his name, not Simeon or Lester.

Results and Future Content Tease

If done correctly, back out of the job, press right on the D-pad when the RC Bandido is visible, and exit the mission. You’ll notice that all mods are now transferred to the RC Bandido. While there’s no current method to transfer these mods to other cars, stay tuned for future content, and don’t forget to subscribe to catch my next video. I won’t drag this out unnecessarily, so I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

Additional Information

The glitch might take a few attempts to master, so don’t get discouraged. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of precision in button presses. Additionally, the video hints at an upcoming tutorial for a car-to-car merge glitch, making it worthwhile to subscribe for future updates.

Remember, glitches and methods can change with game updates, so stay tuned for the latest information. Until then, enjoy experimenting with this solo merge glitch in GTA V Online.

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FAQs about Solo Merge Glitch Tutorial

Q1: What is the glitch discussed in the tutorial?

A1: The glitch discussed in the tutorial is a solo merge glitch in GTA V Online after the 1.68 patch and the new Chop Chop DLC.

Q2: Why is the glitch referred to as a solo merge glitch?

A2: The glitch is called a solo merge glitch because it allows players to perform the glitch without the need for assistance from other players, making it a solo method.

Q3: What are the key requirements for this glitch?

A3: The requirements include a donor car (with F1 wheels, Bens, or regular Benny wheels), an arena workshop, and an RC car.

Q4: Why does the tutorial suggest being in a public session?

A4: Being in a public session is recommended as the glitch reportedly works better in such sessions. The tutorial suggests setting matchmaking to ‘Close’ for optimal results.

Q5: What graphics mode adjustment is advised for New Gen players?

A5: New Gen players are advised to switch their graphics mode to Fidelity specifically for this glitch, with the option to revert it after completing the glitch.

Q6: What is the significance of calling “Generald” instead of Simeon for the glitch?

A6: Calling “Generald” instead of Simeon is recommended for initiating a job related to the glitch, ensuring a smoother process.

Q7: What specific button sequence is mentioned for the RC car activation?

A7: The tutorial instructs players to hold options and X simultaneously, releasing options first and then clicking X.

Q8: What mission needs to be started during the glitch, and why is it important?

A8: The mission “Titan of a Job” needs to be started, and it’s crucial because it should display “General” instead of other names to proceed with the glitch.

Q9: What action should players take when backing out of the job to complete the glitch?

A9: Players should press right on the D-pad as soon as the RC Bandido becomes visible while backing out of the “Titan of a Job” mission.

Q10: What future content is teased in the tutorial, and when can viewers expect it?

A10: The tutorial teases a car-to-car merge glitch in the next week’s video. The creator urges viewers to subscribe to ensure they don’t miss the upcoming tutorial, expected to be out by Friday.

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