Making Millions Per Hour in GTA 5 Online: CEO Cargo Warehouse Strategy

Making Millions Per Hour in GTA 5 Online

A lot of people are struggling with making money in GTA 5. Here is an Introduction to CEO Offices and Cargo Warehouses

The GTA Online landscape features plenty of avenues to make money, whether through missions, heists, businesses or otherrepeatable activities. However, one of the most lucrative methods involves optimally running Special Cargo via CEO Offices.

Purchasing offices allows registering as VIPs or CEOs to gain access to unique Special Cargo missions. These missions have you locate and retrieve rare items using clues before storing them in warehouses. Warehouses come in varying sizes allowing different cargo capacities.

Upon filling up warehouses by collecting enough cargo, the items can be sold off for massive profits in the millions. Tuning certain parameters allows maximizing hourly profits to insane degrees. This guide will cover the entire workflow in detail.

Setting Up Your CEO Office

The first step is purchasing an office. Several options exist across Los Santos and Blaine County ranging from $1 million – $4 million based on size, location and cosmetic customization. Cheaper options work perfectly fine early on though.

Upon purchasing an office, register as a VIP or CEO. This unlocks the ability to purchase warehouses for holding cargo goods. Initially, start with one small or medium warehouse priced around $250K-$300K.

Later on, larger warehouses become essential for optimizing profits. But begin with smaller ones until you have accrued experience running cargo missions and reliable income sources.

Buying and Upgrading Warehouses

When just starting out, opt for cheaper warehouses located in central regions for easier access. Useful locations include La Mesa and La Puerta areas. Upgrade storage equipment too for increased capacity since max storage determines profits.

As income sources solidify, consider upgrading to multiple larger warehouses in adjacent locations. This speeds up the process of filling all of them sequentially.

Key factors determining maximum profits include:

  • Number of warehouses (More = Better)
  • Warehouse size/storage capacity
  • Proximity between warehouses

With experience, determine the optimal number of large warehouses your playstyle supports efficiently.

Sourcing Cargo

Warehouses increase in value as more cargo gets added to storage. Cargo is sourced by CEOs and their associates via repeatable Special Cargo missions unlocked after registering.

Missions involve retrieving packages, contraband goods, rare items and all sorts of unusual cargo using provided location hints before returning it to warehouses. New cargo missions unlock constantly allowing players to run them back-to-back.

Successfully completing missions rewards cash and RP progress. Securing all cargo also grants bonuses especially without damage which is vital later on.

Maximizing Profits

This entire workflow of amassing warehouses brimming with rare items through cargo runs exists to make large profits upon sale. Sale price depends directly on total crates stored.

At max capacity, five large warehouses packed to the brim with their 111 crate limit can bring over $22 million in a single mass sale!

Now let’s optimize this further step-by-step to maximize income per hour spent playing rather than raw sale totals alone.

Optimizing Warehouse Output

Simply amassing goodies to later sell for big one-time profits is decent but lacks ongoing stability. Ideally, the goal is devising sustainable loops generating reliable recurrent income.

The trick lies in strategically coordinating the entire pipeline spanning across identifying missions, allocating associates, minimizing costs and timing mass sales for efficiency.

Streamlining Distribution Workflow

Start by purchasing five large warehouses in neighboring locations like east Los Santos. This minimizes travel time between them when collecting and delivering cargo.

Hire associates and delegate each warehouse entirely to a dedicated worker. With increased manpower, filling all warehouses simultaneously becomes viable.

Additionally, invest in warehouse technicians reducing the wait time for new goods to arrive when stored cargo gets low. Finally, abuse CEO ability shortcuts like instantly returning to offices via interaction menu during downtime.

Such optimizations drastically accelerate the cycle for keeping all warehouses stocked to capacity.


  • 5 Large Warehouses with max storage capacity = 555 crates total
  • Max Crates per warehouse = 111
  • Approx. Value per crate = $20K
  • Sale value per maxed large warehouse = 111 crates x $20K = $2.22 Million
  • Total full capacity sale value across 5 warehouses = $11.1 Million

Now let’s factor time.

  • To fully restock all 5 warehouses takes ~55 source missions
  • Each mission takes 5 minutes
  • Total time = 55 missions x 5 minutes = 275 minutes or 4.58 hours

Thus, every 4.58 hours of coordinated work nets profits of $11.1 million

  • Earning Rate = $11,100,000 profit / 4.58 hours = $2,420,308 per hour

Accounting for the $600K cost in sourcing the crates reduces net profits to $10.5 million.

  • Optimized Earnings Rate = $10,500,000 profit / 4.58 hours = $2,291,489 per hour

So through structured efforts, over $2.29 million can be earned per hour optimally cycling five large warehouses for cargo sales in GTA Online’s trading economy.

Additional Profit Boosts

Beyond the base calculations, additional multipliers exist further maximizing income generated from CEO cargo sales including:


  • 1.5x bonuses during special events or holidays
  • 10-25% associate salary deductions from sale profits

Lobby Factors

  • 1.1x boost playing in populated sessions
  • 1.25x increase for selling in solo public lobby
  • 5% extra per player beyond 4 up to 25% total in fullest sessions

High Demand Bonus

By coordinating entire sessions to stockpile cargo creating artificial scarcity prior to simultaneous mass sales, a significant 50% bonus kicks in during excess demand.

Combining the best case scenarios above together can likely push hourly profits up to ludicrous levels potentially approaching or even exceeding $5 million per hour.

Sustaining maximum rates needs tremendous efficiency, coordinated teams and optimization across the entire supply chain though. Despite insane ceiling earnings possibilities, amounts tend to average much lower over time. But the core method remains incredibly reliable and repeatable for generating regular millions.

Additional Tips

Further considerations for optimizing CEO cargo profits:

  • Minimize damage when sourcing cargo to avoid bonus reductions
  • Mix passive business sales like Bunkers between cargo runs
  • Time sales during x2 cash events, weekends or peak hours
  • Hire skilled associates and incentivize them via high salaries
  • Ensure reliable connectivities to avoid mission failures
  • Rotate public and solo sessions for respective bonuses
  • Counter scout enemies early before attack if detected

Various other advanced tactics exist as well specific to outmaneuvering hostile players during sales across crowded, PvP-heavy sessions for maximum rewards.

But simply coordinating a tight crew working like a well-oiled machine mining five large warehouses efficiently grants tremendous earnings rivaling anything else GTA Online offers.


By purchasing and upgrading multiple large CEO cargo warehouses, then strategically optimizing distribution and sale workflows, Insane profits exceeding millions per hour become readily achievable even in GTA Online’s chaotic world!

Streamlining the entire pipeline to minimize wastage, manually coordinating or outsourcing labor and selling reliably in bulk results in these sights becoming common:

Show Image

Rather than sporadic windfall payouts from heists, CEO cargo arbitrage provides unparalleled reliable recurring income even early on that only scales higher later once mastered.

While solo players can still benefit greatly, coordinating an entire grinding crew of associates and bodyguards to work like a well-oiled machine proves extremely lucrative. With time and optimization, there exist tremendous possibilities for enterprising kingpins or even de facto cartels to utterly dominate GTA Online’s trader economy!

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