GTA 5 Lobby

How to Get GTA 5 lobby

What is GTA 5 Lobby

 GTA 5 lobby refers to the multiplayer lobby in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Specifically:
  • The GTA Online lobby is where players wait before entering into a multiplayer game mode. Here you can customize your character, vehicles, apartments, etc. while matchmaking with other players to start missions, races, heists, etc.
  • The lobby displays details about the session you are joining or hosting, such as how many players there are, any active jobs/modes, player lists and levels, etc.
  • While in a lobby, players can free roam the open world, interact with other players, shop, play mini-games, and more as they wait for jobs and modes to launch when there are enough players.
  • Private lobbies can also be created where you play with just friends or crew members without being matched with random players.
So in summary, the GTA Online lobby is the pre-game hub where players prepare, matchmake, and wait before launching into the various multiplayer modes and missions in GTA V’s online component. It’s the gateway to the wider online gameplay once you load into a session.

How to Enter in GTA 5 Lobby

Here is a beginner guide how to enter the GTA 5 lobby.

Newbie: So I just got GTA V and I want to check out the cool online multiplayer mode I’ve heard about – GTA Online. How do I actually get into a lobby to play with others?

Expert: Getting into your first GTA Online lobby is easy but also a bit overwhelming with all the options and features available. When you first launch GTA V after creating your character, you’ll automatically be placed in a public lobby – this is an open session with other real players that serves as a free roam hub before joining structured jobs and game modes.

First you’ll customize your character’s appearance – you can be male or female and fully customize hair, facial features, clothing, etc. Take your time on this screen, as how your character looks is a big part of the immersive experience and what all other players will see.

You’ll also get basic options like targeting mode and camera settings, and then a prompt asking if you want to go straight into GTA Online or enter story mode first. For your very first time, I’d recommend going to story mode, running through the opening tutorial and mission as Franklin, and then pausing to choose GTA Online. This will help you get familiar with basic mechanics like moving, shooting, stealing cars, police evasion, and more important fundamentals before going online.

Newbie: Okay, so I created my character, played some story mode tutorial to get the basics down, now I selected GTA Online from the pause menu. What should I expect next?

Expert: Excellent, you’ll now load directly into a public online session. When you arrive, you’ll be guided through some opening tutorial messages to get you oriented. You might also get phone calls from NPCs welcoming you.

The first thing you’ll notice is the player list in the bottom left corner – these are all real people connected in your lobby. Keep an eye on how many there are – lobbies can hold over 25 players who will be everywhere around the open world.

Early on, be prepared for potential chaos. You may witness firefights, epic police chases, and all sorts of crazy action going on with other more experienced players. Feel free to watch and learn, but I’d recommend staying out of the way if possible to avoid being repeatedly killed.

As you play, you’ll level up from Rank 1 up to Rank 100+ by earning Reputation Points (RP) from completing jobs, races, survival modes and other activities. Higher rank players have access to better weapons, vehicles and gear – so don’t worry too much if you feel overwhelmed early on.

Newbie: This is pretty wild! Exactly how big is the open world I just spawned into? What should I be exploring first?

Expert: Los Santos and the surrounding GTA V map is absolutely massive, spanning 3 main cities, a huge countryside, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, military base and ocean floor. It would take hours to drive around the whole thing!

When you first spawn, I suggest familiarizing yourself locally first. Press pause and check the Map – you can set Waypoints by hovering over any area and pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox.

Set a waypoint on Del Perro Pier, the colorful amusement park area. Make your way there while taking in the sights and learning driving controls. When there, I recommend riding all the rides and playing arcade games on the pier to earn a little cash and experience the attractions. It’s also a hotspot for meeting other players.

From there, head south to the Maze Bank Arena and walk around inside to unlock it as a personal property purchase option. Keep venturing around central Los Santos first – grab a nice car and drive along the beach walkways just to sightsee.

Get a feel for the basic urban playground at your fingertips, then start branching out. Set a waypoint for Mount Chiliad, the game’s highest mountain, and make the drive out into the wild countryside. Stop to parachute down cliffs, explore lakes and small towns, and take in how incredibly expansive and diverse the open world is for future adventures!

Newbie: This place is unbelievable! Can I visit other players’ apartments and stuff as well?

Expert: For sure – the open world is shared with all players in the session and you’re free to explore almost all accessible interiors.

You can enter clothing stores, ammunition stores, barbershops, gyms and many other shops and business. Feel free to walk into restaurants or bars – you may see other players hanging out, dancing, or getting drunk inside!

Tons of players also own penthouses, stilt houses and other property. You can visit the exteriors and knock on the door – they may invite you in to take a tour and show off luxury car collections and more.

Same goes for massive yachts anchored off the coastlines – many players enjoy hosting huge hot tub parties on the deck!

You can also break into locked buildings at your own risk – but be warned you’ll get a 3-star wanted level if police see you.

So by all means, go exploring absolutely everywhere. Seeing how other long-time players have customized and upgraded their spaces is awesome.

And remember the roads aren’t the only means of travel – you can steal helicopters for aerial city tours, speed boats to check the coastline or a submarine to plunge the ocean depths surrounding Los Santos too!

Newbie: Awesome! OK, so I’ve explored a bunch in free roam now – what else is there to do besides sightseeing? How do jobs and game modes actually work?

Expert: Great question! Freeroam lobbies serve as the gateway to actually playing structured missions across a massive variety of multiplayer modes.

There are hundreds of co-op jobs that launch various gameplay – ranging from intense 4 player heists like robbing banks or secret bases, to survival modes against endless enemy waves, to stunt races down Los Santos freeways or parachuting onto targets.

You can access these by walking up to any of the blue job icons scattered on your map or phoning Job List from your in-game phone. Or open the Online tab of the pause menu then scroll Jobs > Play Job > Rockstar Created for tons of options.

When you select a job, you’ll enter a lobby with other players who picked the same option. Here you can chat via text and voice chat until the host starts the action.

Once launched, cooperate with teammates (or battle if it’s adversarial!) to complete objectives related to that game mode. There’s so much variety – escort convoys, steal cars, assassinate targets across game types like deathmatches, captures and more.

Playing and finishing jobs earns you Cash to buy property and gear as well as RP to rank up long term. And they can all be played solo or with friends once you’re experienced.

I suggest bouncing around the huge spectrum of mission types to find your favorites. I still play simple parachuting races when I just want to glide solo and chill!

Newbie: What an awesome introduction! Last question – is there anything I should buy right away with the starter money they give new players? Any key purchases I should save up for?

Expert: Great last question! You start GTA Online with a little bit of Cash – I’d first go into any clothes store and buy a Bulletproof Helmet. Having protection against random headshots is key.

After that, visit Ammu-Nation to buy weapons like the Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Grenades and Body Armor outfit to defend yourself. Stock up on ammo too!

Finally, steal a fun convertible car you connect with to cruise in style! Something fast but not too expensive to replace.

Long-term, work towards buying businesses like a bunker that generates underground Gunrunning profits. Also aim to purchase armored Weaponized Vehicles (Weaponized Tampa, Insurgent Pickup Custom) and eventually big ticket items like a Mobile Operations Center (MOC), a hangar with storage for aircraft, and super cars and motorcycles.

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is also great bonus DLC for new players with free property, weapons, cars and more valuables!

But most importantly have fun in your first hours exploring this incredible sandbox world! Soon you’ll progress into an experienced criminal kingpin with everything at your fingertips!

FAQs About GTA 5 Lobby

How do I get into a GTA Online lobby?

To enter a GTA Online lobby:

  1. Launch GTA V and create your character
  2. Play through the initial story mode tutorials
  3. Pause the game and select “GTA Online”
  4. Customize your character and settings
  5. You’ll now load directly into a public online lobby

What can I do in a GTA Online lobby?

In a GTA Online lobby you can:

  • Free roam the open world
  • Interact with other players
  • Customize your character and vehicles
  • Access multiplayer jobs, races, heists etc.
  • Start missions once you have enough players
  • Explore properties and the environment
  • Shop, dance, get drunk at bars/clubs

How many players can be in one lobby?

GTA Online lobbies can hold over 25 players in one session. You’ll see the player count in the bottom left corner. The larger lobby, the more potential for open world chaos and interactions.

How do I invite friends to my lobby?

To invite friends to your GTA Online lobby:

  1. Pause the game and go to the Online tab
  2. Select Friends
  3. Choose a friend and select Invite to Session
  4. Friends can accept invites through phone notifications

How do I change lobbies or join friends?

You can choose to join friends in their sessions or change lobbies through the Online tab:

  • Select Friends sessions and choose a friend
  • Or select Play GTA Online > Freemode to search for a new session

How do I create a private/custom lobby?

To make a private lobby:

  1. Pause > Online > Play GTA Online
  2. Select “Solo Session” for a lobby by yourself
  3. Or “Invite Only Session” then invite friends